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Abundance is everywhere in the Universe, and it can appear in your personal life, if you let it. Working with Kablan through various modalities, you can transcend the lower self to achieve happiness and success in all areas of your life! Learn how to:

• Overcome past conditioning and scarcity thinking
• Remove hidden mental and emotional blocks to abundance
• Release attachments to outcome
• Open your mind to attract new opportunities

• Expand on ideas

"I always feel better after a session! Kablan is amazing. He not only has phenomenal healing, manifesting and clearing techniques, his ability to communicate is comforting. Feel like I am talking with a true friend who answers with honesty and dignity - thank you." ~ Intriguedbyyou, Australia

"Kablan is Magical! Like a golden key unlocking the door to an amazing new life of conscious creation, love and abundance. Give yourself the gift of a session with Kablan." ~ Sheri C., Ontario, Canada

"Once again Kablan helped me tremendously, clearing major blocks in my life. I am astounded how accurate he is and what gifted talents he has. Kablan is by far the best! ~ Privatel, Huntington Beach, NY, USA

No More Hassles Ever Again. Live Worry FREE!
Discover how to access your intuition and inner-knowing, how to empower yourself to achieve greater peace and clarity, and consciously create the life you truly deserve! With Kablan you will learn to:

• Develop highly transformational tools and skill-sets
• Master uniquely-developed and proven techniques for manifesting
• Access ancient and secret methods to conscious creation
• Employ the Fibonacci sequence for exponential growth
• Recognize synchronicities and serendipitous opportunities

• Expand on ideas

 "Great session as always! I always learn so many new techniques I can apply to all aspects of my life. He's a great  teacher, healer and advice giver. Whenever I'm feeling off, I go to him first because of all the success his teachings have brought me! Highly recommended, he's spot on and incredibly talented!" ~ Erica89, Maryland, USA

"I have had so many changes in the last few months, and Kablan has helped and encouraged me every step of the way. I'm sure I would not be on such a steady path without his help. I'm so grateful. -  Cookieface, Green Bay, USA 

If you have the willingness - Kablan has the ability - to help you overcome whatever it is that is blocking you...once and for all - that is my experience of working with him numerous times over the last year to heal and improve family work and self relationships...give yourself the gift of working with will thank yourself!" ~ alihelisdi222

Make Everything Happen NOW With JOY And EASE!
Whether you are searching for a miraculous healing and optimum health, , the perfect soulmate and loving relationships, the financial freedom of abundant wealth, or the inner peace of awakening to a higher conciousness, you can shift your energy and create the spectactular life you've dreamed of.  

• Raise your vibration and shift your energy frequency
• Experience unlimited possibilities
• Manifest the wealth and abundance of your dreams into reality
• Attain the natural state and live day with abundant joy and happiness

• Expand on ideas

"Kablan is a teacher and energy worker. His gentle guidance and step-by-step approach allowed me to channel the energy within. As an author, I often find myself against frustrating deadlines that block my energy and inspiration. With Kablan's help, I've been able to push through these blocks and unlock my stories. I've said it before but it requires repeating, I will return to use Kablan's guidance in the future." - Harmony Balance, Charlestown 

"Powerfully positive. showed me how to move mountains in no time flat. Warm, wise, compassionate and gifted in affecting change energetically, emotionally and spiritually NOW! With GREAT Appreciation! Awesome reading Kablan, thanks!" ~   hoofer13, Texas, USA 

"Kablan is truly an amazing psychic and energy worker! So many incredible techniques for clearing, manifesting, and belief busting. Literally life-changing. He graciously shares his gifts with the world. Mon coeur est toi." ~ Sheri C., Ontario, Canada

Kablan is known around the world for his Psychic Energy Healing and Transformation. Since starting this work professionally in 1997, he has worked with thousands of clients on a psychic, spiritual and metaphysical level.

Through intuitive guidance and energy healing sessions Kablan has helped his clients achieve personal breakthroughs ~ overcoming traumas, health concerns, financial issues and major life challenges. He is available for consultation on all issues of health, business, family, love and relationships.

Kablan has been trained in clearing and remote influence by Kahuna Dr. John LaTourette, authorized to speak on Ho'oponopono by Kahuna Dr. Hew Len, and certified as an advanced Law of Attraction practitioner, by Kahuna Dr. Joe Vitale.

Kablan also offers Astrology for event planning, clearing issues, manifesting and Law of Attraction as well as in-depth chart analysis using psychic intuition, numerology and astromancy.
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KABLAN offers single sessions, intensives and ongoing support options customized to your needs.
Session Requirements: All sessions are facilitated in the comfort of your own space via Skype.
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Camera and microphone are not required but strongly recommended.
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